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Art 2014-06-04
Gigantic Architectural Organic Columns
Henrique Oliveira's unique 2013 installation of architectural wooden branches work extremely well in the spaces he has created them transforming original structures.
Music FavE84Mmc7s 2014-06-04
Dj Clock feat Beatenberg - Pluto (remember you)
Dj Clock teamed up with Cape Town's Beatenberg to create an extremely addictive sound. 'Pluto (Remember You)' is accompanied by a sunny, beach side video.
Interior 2014-05-28
Copenhagen Llama Restaurant
This remarkably colourful restaurant was designed by 'BIG' partners Jakob Lange and Bjarke Ingels (BIG). The restaurant is Nordic, drawing on south american flavours. The walls and the floors and covered in hand crafted Mexican tiles.
Art 2014-05-28
'The Lady and the Unicorn' Skate Boards
French skate board designers 'Boom-art' have designed a trio of skate decks depicting the The La Dame à la Licorne (The Lady and the Unicorn) a splendid middle age tapestry dating back to the 1500's in Paris.
Art 2014-05-28
Pawel Kuczynski
Pawel Kuczynski produces paintings illustrating thought provoking political issues. You are immediately forced to look for the distinct messages within his vast collection of unique satirical illustrations.
Art 2014-05-24
Takeshi Murata’s ‘Melter’ is a sculptural sphere that gives the impression of perpetually melting liquid flowing over the sphere. Mesmerizing.
Fashion 2014-05-24
Mujjo Ipad Case
The ideas and designs are simple, yet they are clever and original. All the products are tastefully classic and smart.
Bikes 2014-05-10
Vanhawks Valour Bike
Vanhwaks Valour Bike is an ultra-light, durable and connected bike built for the urban commuter.
Architecture 2014-05-10
Birds Nest Treehouse
Tree hotel is a Swedish company offering some of the most innovative hotels. The Birds Nest would definitely be one of the coolest places to stay.
Technology 2014-05-10
Boom Boom by Mathieu Lehanneur
This genius music speaker, seems like a necessity. Its design is superbly clever. The French designer Mathieu Lehanneur combines art and design with science and technology.
Art 2014-05-10
Homeless Homes Project by Gregory Kloehn
Gregory Kloehn is an American artist who created a project called ‘Homeless Homes’ in which he decorated and modified ‘dumpsters’ to accommodate.
Food 2014-05-10
Extravagant menu with delicious food presented delectably.
Video imtdgdGOB6Q 2014-05-10
The Wind Rises
The film ‘The Wind Rises’ is a new studio Ghibli film. It is truly absorbing, full of joy and sadness. The Animation is still just as impressive.
Photography 2014-05-09
Luca Zanier
Luca Zanier’s photographs are shot in extraordinary compositions. He mainly focuses on stills, landscapes and people, but his style remains unique.
Interior 2014-05-05
The innovative designed ONYX sofa is a 3-metre long seat made of carbon fibre and Volvic volcanic lava stone.
Photography 2014-05-02
Aaron Durand
Aaron Durands photographs are so dramatic they are unmissable.
Music EFEyHkW5MCs 2014-05-02
Little Dragon - Paris
Little Dragons new album is exciting. In the video for ‘Paris’ the band drives around in a Volkswagen bus and produces some crazy dance moves.
Architecture 2014-04-28
Cantilevering Japanese Home
A cantilevering home designed by Japanese architect Keisuke Maeda.
Films wgFws3AoIUY 2014-04-28
'Chef’ starring Robert Downey Jr, Dustin Hoffman and Scarlett Johansson follows a chef who is passionate about food and the creative presentation.
Games 2014-04-27
Monument Valley
A mind-blowing game for your iPhone. The graphics are marvellous and they make you almost want to watch it rather then play.
Fashion 2014-04-27
Set Adrift T-Shirts
King Krule is already too cool and his collection of shirts ‘Set Adrift’ is unbelievable. It would be pretty hard to decide on a favourite.
Video 92073118 2014-04-27
The Most Boring Video in the World
Leica’s advertising video is titled ‘The Most Boring Video In The World,’ although no one will watch the full 45minutes it is not boring; it is one of the most intelligent advertisements.
Food 2014-04-27
Bubbledogs Restaurant
Bubbledogs is a champagne bar in London that sells HOTDOGS. The presentation is impeccable.
Architecture 2014-04-26
Architectural Density in Hong Kong
Michael Wolf’s photographs mainly document life in cities, the different culture and the immense architecture. His extensive collections are extremely engaging.
Art 2014-04-26
Seven Automatic Landscapes
‘Seven Automatic Landscapes’ by artists, Ger Van Elk is a minimal collection of small scale, colourful landscapes in a glass frame.
Video 18499580 2014-04-26
The Alphabet
A wonderful animation of the alphabet, accompanied by a Spanish soundtrack. Each character is the initial letter of a font name.
Architecture 2014-04-26
Selgas Cano's Glass Office
Seglas Cano has designed an office for his employees, which takes the form of a glass tube that is surrounded by trees and leaves.
Art 2014-01-18
Environmental Street Art by ROA
Roa’s environmental street art is full of character, you almost expect the animals to move and come alive.
Photography 2014-01-09
The Big Cloud By Camille Seaman
Camille Seaman’s photography captures the beauty of landscapes across the world. Her photographs have been published in the ‘National Geographic Magazine’ and have won many awards.
Photography 2014-01-04
Just The Two Of Us by Klaus Pichler
Klaus pichler’s photographs are mind-blowing, strange and compelling. Check out ‘Skeletons in The Closet’ and ‘Idyls.'
Technology 2013-12-29
Lowdi Speakers
Sleek black speakers, perfect for carrying around. The advertisement is distinctive and exciting.
Art 2013-12-26
Bottom Feeders by Mary O'Malley
Mary O’Malley is a ceramist artist, creating wild, innovative products. She knows a variety of techniques including the Japanese and English traditional methods.
Art 2013-12-10
Sky Whale by Patricia Piccinini
Patricia Piccinini, an Australian artist, is extremely imaginative producing crazy original pieces, such as ‘The Young Family’ and ‘The Skywhale.’
Bikes 2013-12-02
5010 by Santa Cruz
Mountian bikers dream.
Art 2013-11-27
Harm Less by Sonia Rentsch
Sonia Rentsch produces exquisite art works. Her work is sculptural focusing on re-creating objects in different mediums, producing beautiful works of art.
Technology 2013-11-03
Fluida by Studio Natural
Studio Natural creates an array of intelligent designs for many diverse products, from cycling to clothing to a coffee table to an elevator.
Food 2013-10-08
The Tea Calendar by Hälssen & Lyon
A calendar made of tea; each day of the week is a new tea bag with a new taste. It consists of 365 tea bags keeping you going for a whole year.
Games 2013-09-28
Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs is set in Chicago, where a central network of computers connects everyone and everything. Watch Dogs expertly is a game in which the impact of technology is explored.
Art 2013-09-27
Wes21 Street art
Wes21’s paintings look surreal. Yet they are large-scale paintings, painted onto streets across Europe, specifically Portugal.
Architecture 2013-09-16
Green Box by Act Romegialli Architects
A small garage attached to a weekend house on the slopes of the Raethian Alps. Green Box is an unusual piece of architecture designed with vegetation and plants in mind.
Photography 2013-09-13
Vertical Horizon by Romain Jacquet-Lagreze
Romain Jacquet-Lagreze’s photographs are stimulating from the curious moments he manages to capture. The compositions of the photographs are monumental.
Photography 2013-09-01
How To Be Alone by Nich Hance McElroy
These enchanting photographs by Nich Hance McElroy were captured in the west and eastern watersheds of North America. The compositions of the images are impeccable capturing his subjects superbly.
Art 2013-08-09
INSA Street Art
Insa has produced a collection of adventurous art. His paintings onto billboards are the most intriguing.
Fashion 2013-07-22
Xela by Tsatsas
A stylish website with an impressive range of products. Started by two siblings, one studied architecture and the other industrial design. This comes across sublimely.
Interior 2013-07-20
St Pancras Hotel
St. Pancras hotel is a beautiful, gothic building on the outside. The inside is just as beautiful… The hotel retains some of the traditional gothic features.
Video 51547420 2013-06-30
Anthill Films Demo Reel
Anthill is a collaborative group, the video tells the story of their extreme sporting adventures in the craziest of places.
Video 55612212 2013-06-08
IISE Organic Dye Trailer
A simply stunning video revealing the process of natural dyeing in Korea. The process is intriguing, yet the way the film is shot is the most enchanting aspect.
Video 59584804 2013-05-17
Jazz That Nobody Asked For
‘Jazz That Nobody Asked For’ is a colourful animation in response to the idea of having a piece of music stuck in your head continuously. Neurologists claim that stuck songs are like thoughts we're trying to suppress.
Video 65475425 2013-05-16
This is one of the coolest animations; dazzling rhythms and continuous transformations. Watch in a dark room on a big screen!
Music ABkQ96dh0eQ 2013-05-02
Ghostpoet - Meltdown
Meltdown’s effective video is compelling throughout. It’s a whole story, as a viewer you are immediately enticed.
Technology 2013-04-27
Iceberg Bike Hanger by Woodstick
Oak and birch wood bike rack. The most stylish and high quality bike rack designed. The original angular design makes this product special.
Video 42861174 2013-02-21
The Ice Ball
The purpose and use of an ‘ice ball’ in Japanese whisky culture. This video teaches you about the process of making whisky in a bar called ‘The Summit’ in New York.
Art 2013-02-14
Black Hole by Fabian Oefner
Fabian Oefner creates imaginative images in response to the science behind everyday life, such as sounds waves and forces. His art is bold and colourful.
Art 2013-02-10
Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal
‘Zoo Portraits’ are comical illustrations that have been carefully designed producing a variety of amusing characters. They look like photographs making each animal come to life in your mind.
Video 49604913 2012-12-13
Illustrations On Bike Rims
From the WIT INDUSTRIES Art series, Rachel Sender draws illustrations onto bike rims, creating the most inspiring bikes.
Video 61170770 2012-12-10
This charming video ‘Symmetrees’ shows you clips of symmetrical scenes of trees in atmospheric settings. Makes you want to go find them in real life.
Video 18280328 2012-12-07
‘Undercity’ reveals some of New Yorks’ unknown areas and features underground. One of the most fascinating videos to stumble upon online.
Music 3lDqMx4rmFU 2012-11-25
Tyler The Creator - IFHY
Tyler The Creators’ insane video for ‘IFHY’ features masks, a dolls house and robotic people. Its innovative ideas are always surprising, keeping us all in suspense about what he will do next.
Videos 56974716 2012-11-20
The ABC of Architects
If you love architecture then this video shows you some of the most important architects and the most attractive and significant examples of their work.
Music 55064733 2012-11-01
Earl Sweatshirt - Chum
Earl Sweatshirt has a distinctive sound along side some creative videos. His work is addictive, this song especially.
Videos 55292486 2012-10-18
Crankworx Les 2 Alpes
This is one the biggest freeride mountain bike festivals across the Atlantic. Crankworx is famous for gathering athletes to show off their tricks against one another.
Videos UXmHgVA0cMg 2012-10-15
Romare live in the Boiler Room
Romare has a remarkable knowledge of music from many different eras and from a variety of cultures, creating a distinctive sound. He is one of a kind. Listen.
Videos 54230904 2012-10-06
White Noise
Xavier De Rue reveals his reasons for snow boarding and why he continues to push himself. He is recognised as one of the best snow boarders and you can see why.
Architecture 2012-10-02
Casa En La Ladera De Un Castillo
A sleek and minimal exquisite design for a house, built from the side of a mountainous rock. There other designs are equally exquisite.
Videos 54658957 2012-09-27
Landings at San Diego Int Airport
‘Landings at San Diego International Airport, 23rd of November, 2012’ is another intelligent idea for a video by Cy Kuckenbaker. It shows each landing plane of that day, all in 25 seconds.
Art 2012-09-10
Chris Maynard
Artist, Chris Maynard, works extremely intricately into feathers creating a detailed flock of birds out of one feather. The outcomes are beautiful and must taken a ridiculous amount of time. He uses tiny eye surgery scissors are part of the process.
Architecture 2012-09-04
House Duk by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects
This extravagant, stylish house is in Johannesburg, South America is designed by Nico Van Der Meulen architects. The large sheets of glass make it so you can see into almost every room of the house and out of every room.
Art 2012-08-10
Fast Track
Giant trampoline built in the ground, continuing for 51 metres. Its clever design produces an endlessly enjoyable invention. It would be the coolest location for a party.
Videos 53618201 2012-08-04
Let's Talk About Soil
Soil made interesting. This is a fascinating, superbly designed animation. It tells the story of how we source soil, it covers all issues, telling us how to use it in a sustainable way.
Photography 2012-07-29
a Due Colori by Alberto Seveso
Alberto Sevesso captures ink mixing with water with a high-speed camera. The results are enticing and colourful. His artworks are scientific in that they examine reactions and their results.
Videos 52305141 2012-06-27
Cool French bike video.
Bikes 2012-06-13
Rob\'s Woodgrain Bike
This beautifully designed bike is one of elegance and class. The frame of the bike has been created to look like it has been made from wood forming its unique style.
Photography 2012-05-28
Laurent Chehere
Laurent Cehere’s photographs are extremely imaginative. Each one is captivating. He explores cities, buildings, suburbs and country. The work has an interesting concept behind it, exposing the beauty of buildings.
Music AslPYSm7jfg 2012-05-19
S O H N - The Wheel
S.O.H.N- Wheel. The video takes you through a variety of alluring images, short videos and scenes. The flashing images and repeated actions in videos tie in cleverly with the vocal glitching.
Videos 32966847 2012-05-12
El Empleo / The Employment
‘The Employment’ is a delightful simple animation, with charming characters. The story is subtle, absorbing and somewhat depressing.
Technology 2012-04-24
Little Printer by Berg
This tiny ingenious invention is mind-blowingly clever. It is a web-connected printer that prints messages, e-mails and photos. Nominated for ‘Designs of the Year’ 2013 at the Design Museum in London.
Art 2012-04-17
Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz
Viktor Hertz is a graphic designer. He creates logos and original designs, some are inventive and witty and some are simply pleasing.
Videos C_CDLBTJD4M 2012-04-08
This sublime video titled ‘Touchwood’ features a wooden xylophone contraption that runs through a wood, a small wooden ball sets off along the on-going xylophone creating a charming audio as well as video.
Technology 2012-04-04
Fusefones. These intelligent and simple headphones are everything you could wish for in a headphone. Designed for sharing, they have a built in memory so they can save music from another person’s library onto your own; keeping track of your personal music taste.
Architecture 2012-03-24
Allandale House
Allandale house is an exquisitely linear design by William O’Brien Jr. The house is composed of three asymetrical A-frames containing large windows and open spaces.
Videos 39792837 2012-03-18
Spherikal is a mesmerizing animation, taking you through the endless changes and possibilities of a sphere. The smooth transitions must have been insanely difficult.
Videos 18495371 2012-03-17
This compelling video ‘Power’ puts the world in an interesting perspective. The video is of excavations on earth, shot from afar, zooming in on the activities below. It looks as if it is a set-up, miniature world.
Architecture 2012-03-03
Reykjavik House by Moomoo Architects
Rejavik House by MooMoo architects is an elegant and simple design. The large windows allow in as much light as possible not to mention show off the surrounding landscape.
Food 2012-02-18
Click & Grow
How to grow herbs and flowers with guaranteed success? This forward thinking design called ‘Click and Grow’ is a plant pot, which contains ‘smart’ soil to make your plant grow faster. The soil releases oxygen and nutrients to the plant, making sure the plant has what it needs to grow.
Interior 2012-01-28
Sfelt Table by Ample
The Sfelt table by Ample is an innovative and beautiful creation. The coffee table is large enough to pile up books and papers on, whilst still leaving space for the other ‘stuff’ that always finds it way onto a coffee table.
Technology 2012-01-25
GoPro Hero 3
The HERO3 cameras are a genius idea from Go-Pro. They are small enough to go just about anywhere. New to this model Wi-Fi is built into the camera and there is a wider variety of shooting modes to play around with. It can be dropped, thrown and soaked and still survive.
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